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Green Spirit Level Cufflinks

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Green Spirit level cufflinks made of Solid Brass with Rhodium plating.

Not sure whether your cufflinks are on properly- too vertical, more horizontal? Always checking and adjusting your cuffs? These cufflinks will bring surveying and bricklaying fun to a whole new level. Approach your problem scientifically with an engineer's mind!

Approximate Size: 2.8cm x 0.8cm.
Style:: Enamel and Rhodium Plating. Now in Glistening Geographer Green.
Colour:: Silver with green liquid
Lead Time:: Available for immediate delivery
Packaging:: Cufflinks come packaged in an Aluminium Matt-Finished Giftbox

Bonus - Free Cufflink Box!

All Cufflinks purchased from Cufflinks Empire comes packaged with a Free Aluminium or Black Cufflink Box (depending on availability).

The aluminium cufflink box (if available) is only available to Cufflinks Empire customers. The surface of the Aluminium Cufflink box is engreavable. If the aluminium box is unavailable, we provide plain black boxes.